Five Love Languages

I love to help men with their health, relationships, and business because I believe these three things guide us towards our purpose more than anything. But let’s focus on relationships. What I found in my 25 years of success, creating multiple figures, and influencing people is that when people leave, the connections are not as good. So today, let’s talk about Five Love Languages. It is important that your partner’s love tank is full. When it’s low, relationship is not good. But the question is, how can we make them feel our love?

Here are the five different types of Love Language:

Receiving gifts: This is giving things (usually material) that she like; i.e. cards, car, roses, chocolates
Words of Affirmation: This means telling someone how much you appreciate them or acknowledge what they are doing; i.e. “You’re doing a great job”, “You’re a good husband or a good dad”, “You’re a good listener”. When people say these things, it usually fill up someone’s love tank and their partner feel great.
Acts of Service: This is when you offer help to your partner to show her that your care; i.e. household chores
Physical Touch: This is when you make her feel that you’re there to comfort her, make her feel safe, protected, and loved; i.e. hold her hand, hug her when she cries, sit next to her while watching TV
Quality Time: People are not usually good at this, I for example struggled with this at the start of my marriage. How can we give our quality time? Stop what you’re doing to listen, prepare and have dinner with her, turn off your phone so you could focus on what she’s saying. These little acts make her feel valued and loved.

Note: Your love language may change over the years. And It is important that you observe what your partner’s current love language is.

I highly recommend that you take the quiz at to see what kind of love language you want.

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Remember to Love God and Live with Passion.