How do we measure our current state of health?

Let’s begin by understanding what is Biohacking. Biohacking is the art of hacking your biology, using nature’s built-in mechanisms to stack the cards in your favor and become the best version of you. You can hack on your own biology and you can gain control of systems in your body that you never have access to.

You can be the best version of yourself by making these daily intentional choices.

  • Mindset: Start your day with a prayer, meditation, breathing techniques so you can set a positive mood
  • Have a good quality sleep
  • Exposure: To the sun or infrared sauna
  • Movement: Through exercise, yoga, cycling, or any activity that requires movement
  • Nutrition: Proper eating habits whether it’s the ketogenic diet or paleo lifestyle
  • Genetics:  Learning how to use different things, systems, products to affect our genes

The old school of thinking states that food is your fuel. That the only way that you can be healthy is by eating healthy. I don’t think this is true. The Future is Biohacking. Food, nutrients, how much micronutrients we’re taking, the regulation of our Gut Health, enhancing our detoxification, and maintaining homeostasis (balance in your body), and gene regulation are critical now.

Old school approach suggest supplementation and to me this is guessing if something will work. The lack of product research, lack of control, lack of quality is not safe. New technology on the other hand uses biohacking and this was done through peer reviewed research. This technology uses synergy; substances which have been there for centuries and ten thousand times more effective. It has endogenous activation, it’s constantly working inside your body unlike supplements which only has one purpose and immediately leaves your system.

If you have more questions about this new technology so you could learn how to biohack your body, schedule a one on one with me through

I look forward to hearing from you. Remember to Love God and Live with Passion.

Bottom Line: It is always best to try things that are researched, proven, and tested.