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1-1 Elite Training

To achieve the greatest results, join Michael Huey for 6 months and learn to biohack your body, improve your relationships, and skyrocket your business. (Includes 1 VIP Day with Michael)

90 Day Lifestyle Accelorater

Exlusive meal plans, workout regiments, access to a private mentoring group, and so much more designed to jumpstart your health. By customizing strategies for your specific body type, I'll help you light a fire in yourself that's just the beginning of breaking your glass ceiling.

HeFluence Revolution Society

Our He-Fluence Revolution Membership Platform was designed with a bold vision and purpose: to create a society that empowers men like you to show up fully in every area of your life; not only giving your best, but also leading others to do the same.

The Society Awaits


Michael Huey knows what it’s like to be accomplished and still overwhelmed, but there’s no excuse for mediocrity. Life is flying by and you’ve got to seize every opportunity to improve. That’s why he’s here. If you’re up for it, Michael is going to kick you into high gear to become even more successful, confident, and powerful.

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