Book Of Services

1-1 Elite Training

To achieve the greatest results, join Michael Huey for 6 months and learn to biohack your body, improve your relationships, and skyrocket your business. (Includes 1 VIP Day with Michael)

90 Day Lifestyle Accelorater

Exlusive meal plans, workout regiments, access to a private mentoring group, and so much more designed to jumpstart your health. By customizing strategies for your specific body type, I'll help you light a fire in yourself that's just the beginning of breaking your glass ceiling.

HeFluence Revolution Society

Our He-Fluence Revolution Membership Platform was designed with a bold vision and purpose: to create a society that empowers men like you to show up fully in every area of your life; not only giving your best, but also leading others to do the same.

The Society Awaits